Exercise is an essential part of health

Movement is life and exercise builds a sustainable body.

Movement heals the body


Building strength is a personal journey and the ways to do this are as unique as you. A strong body can help you live an independent life, enjoy what you love doing most in your everyday life.


Stability provides the foundation for balance, strength, and mobility. Stability protects us from falling and protects our joints from wear and tear.


Mobility gives our muscles and joints freedom to move. The flexibility of the muscles and mobility of the joints are an integral part of musculoskeletal health.

Releasing energy

Exercise and movement provides a space to release energy. It helps in our physical health by building strong muscles and joints and releasing tension held in the body. It enhances our mental health by creating space for solitude and reflection.

common questions

The best exercise is the one you do most consistently.  It should include elements of strength training, such as lifting weights or body weight exercise, stability training, such as balance training on a Bosu ball or practices such as Tai Chi, and mobility training that focuses on flexibility of muscles and mobility of joints.

 Weight-bearing exercises are best for bone and joint health. Jumping, running, walking are all great for building strong bones and joints.

Any exercise will build muscle because you are using muscles to perform the activity.  Strength training with resistance bands of weights will target muscles specifically.  To build strong, healthy muscles, exercise must be coupled with a healthy diet and adequate rest.

Exercises that challenge the core group of muscles will help with balance.  Balance is often lost as we age and can be improved with specific exercises.  Practices such as yoga or Tai Chi challenge the core muscles and improve balance.  The Bosu ball is an excellent piece of gym equipment to build balance.

Mobility is an essential part of the movement and is often confused with flexibility.  Flexibility addresses muscle mobility whereas mobility addresses joint movement.  The best way to improve joint mobility is with exercises that promote end-range motion.

Injuries happen.  They can fall into two categories:  traumatic injury and repetitive injury.  Traumatic injuries are usually accidents and are difficult to avoid.  Repetitive injuries occur silently while we are exercising or moving.  Repetitive injuries often stem from a weakness in stabilizing muscles or immobility in the muscles and joints.  They can also occur when there is a high volume of work.  The healthier the musculoskeletal system, the easier it is to heal from both types of injury.  Nutrition, hydration, and rest can help.  Repetitive injuries can be minimized with a well-rounded exercise program that addresses strength, stability, and mobility.

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