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The PARTS Program is our premiere stress management and resiliency training.  It is a streamlined adaptation for corporate wellness, built upon the proven principles of the highly acclaimed SMART Program from the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine at the Massachusetts General Hospital, a Harvard Medical School affiliate.


60-minute classes presented live weekly for 8-9 weeks


Designed for employees, teams, and leaders in a small group setting


Evidence-based stress management techniques to improve well-being, engagement, and productivity


Data-driven content designed, developed, and studied at Benson Henry Mind Body Institute


Our proprietary content, meticulously designed for effectiveness, remains at the core while allowing us to tailor the focus to your unique needs




PARTS Program Overview

Module 1
The Science of Stress and Self-Care

This will give an overview of the science to explain stress and how it affects you. Understand the physiology behind the stress and relaxation responses.

Module 2
Stress and Sleep

Experience the transformative benefits of restorative sleep for relaxation and resilience. Dive into the science of sleep, understand its connection to well-being, and discover evidence-backed insights and techniques to enhance your nightly recharge.

Module 3
Identifying Stress Triggers

Begin the journey of self-awareness with a focus on understanding your response to stress. Gain insight into your thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and physical experiences, initiating a process to break free from automatic reactions.

Module 4
Cultivating Self-Awareness

We dive deeper to understand stress's impact on the mind and body by integrating the power of movement.  Discover thought distortions as we navigate the intricate landscape of mental well-being

Module 5
Changing Your Mind

Unlock the power of change by shifting from theory to practical "how-to" strategies. Discover the transformative role of imagination in fostering well-being and inspiring valuable insights.

Module 6
Cultivating Positivity

Uncover your stress response, master internal dialogue, and shape thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and physical experiences. Transition from reactive to intentional responses, unlocking the transformative ability to turn negative thoughts into positive ones.

Module 7
Creative Expression

We expand our brain's ability for curiosity and open-mindedness to ignite creativity. Harness the force of creative expression, sparking innovation in all facets of life, from personal development to engaging communication with others

Module 8
Humor and Resiliency

We conclude our course by discovering ways to infuse resilience with humor and laughter to bring joy into your daily routine. Explore practical tips and techniques for sustained change, ensuring that the positive lifestyle shifts made during the course resonate for a lifetime.

Choosing the Right Path

PARTS Program
Resilience Mastery Courses

Focus Area

Nutrition, Physical Activity, Sleep, Mindfulness, Social Connectedness, Communication, Collaboration

Deep dive into each component of PARTS program


8-9 week course, 60-minute live classes per week

Customizable or proprietary workshops or courses, 30, 45, or 60 minutes per live class, can be standalone or combined


$8995 for small group setting

Starts at $650 for unlimited participants, flexible pricing for custom programs


Ideal for teams and leaders

Adaptable for teams, leaders, or individuals

Live Virtual Courses



Topics Covered

Burnout, return-to-office, mental and physical health, leadership, communication, collaboration

Burnout, return-to-office, mental and physical health, leadership, communication, collaboration


Core curriculum can be adapted to focus on specific topics 

Suite of existing courses or one-on-one customization

Program Origin

Benson Henry Mind Body Institute at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School

Lifestyle Medicine Experts at The Wellness Cabinet




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