Resilience Mastery Courses

Evidence-based content for employees, teams, and leaders

Discover the power of resilience

Our versatile resilience courses are designed to meet your unique goals. Choose from our existing suite of workshops or work one-on-one to design a custom workshop to maximize engagement and alleviate burnout, optimize the return-to-office experience, or cultivate cutting-edge leadership skills.


30, 45, or 60-minute workshops or combine multiple workshops to create a 4-week course


Designed for employees, teams, and leaders and uniquely suit the needs of its intended audience


Return-to-office, employee burnout and resilience, cutting edge leadership skills, well-being


Data-driven content designed, developed, and presented by Lifestyle Medicine experts


Choose from our suite of workshops and courses or work with us to design a custom program to fit your unique culture




Sample Workshops and Courses

The Science of Stress

Burnout and Stress

Discover how stress affects your body and brain, identify personal stress cues, and learn practical techniques for better well-being and peak performance

Collaboration for Creativity

Team Building

Energize teams with exercises to cultivate open communication and mindfulness to spark creativity and strengthen collaboration

The Resilient Leader's Blueprint

Leadership Skills

Learn lasting skills to navigate challenges with clarity, make impactful decisions, communicate effectively, and stay present for authentic and influential leadership

Sleep It Off

Burnout and Stress

Explore the secrets of the sleep cycle and discover evidence-based strategies to improve your sleep quality—from nutrition to temperature—for a truly restorative rest

Resilient Teams

Team Building

Elevate team dynamics and well-being with our versatile course for virtual or in-person teams, emphasizing crucial skills for communication, empathetic listening, and creative collaboration

The Lost Art of Listening

Leadership Skills

Revive active listening to harness the power of genuine communication, improve creative collaboration, and drive innovation by truly hearing your team

Topics and Materials

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Choosing the Right Path

PARTS Program
Resilience Mastery Courses

Focus Area

Nutrition, Physical Activity, Sleep, Mindfulness, Social Connectedness, Communication, Collaboration

Deep dive into each component of PARTS program


8-9 week course, 60-minute live classes per week

Customizable or proprietary workshops or courses, 30, 45, or 60 minutes per live class, can be standalone or combined


$8995 for small group setting

Starts at $650 for unlimited participants, flexible pricing for custom programs


Ideal for teams and leaders

Adaptable for teams, leaders, or individuals

Live Virtual Courses



Topics Covered

Burnout, return-to-office, mental and physical health, leadership, communication, collaboration

Burnout, return-to-office, mental and physical health, leadership, communication, collaboration


Core curriculum can be adapted to focus on specific topics 

Suite of existing courses or one-on-one customization

Program Origin

Benson Henry Mind Body Institute at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School

Lifestyle Medicine Experts at The Wellness Cabinet




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