About Us

How we got here.

Our mission

The Wellness Cabinet is an integrative medicine blog that provides evidence-based information on a variety of conventional, alternative, and traditional medicine. We believe there is no one path for health and the journey to and the maintenance of health and well-being is as unique and special as the individual. 

We approach well-being as a product of physical, mental, and emotional health that is achieved when these aspects are in balance. We are living, breathing biological beings that have fundamental needs of nourishment, connectedness, movement, and peace. 

We strive to provide information on how to assess your needs and provide tools and resources to help you achieve this balance of well-being.  

About Me

Hi there, I’m Dr. Camilla Moore, a chiropractor, and board certified in Lifestyle Medicine through the American College of Lifestyle Medicine.  I am a member of an integrative medicine team that focuses on health and well-being through conventional and alternative therapies.

My life reflects the way integrative medicine can be used to achieve health and well-being. My parents were medical professionals (Mom was an ICU nurse and Dad a physical therapist) who created a certified organic farm that nourished both our family and our small, rural Maine community.

As time passes, life happened and with it brought challenges like life tends to do.  I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease (most likely picked up from trail running with my dog, Jack) and completed the obligatory round of doxycycline.  Still unwell, my doctor didn’t have anything else to offer.  I called a colleague, a gifted Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, and I slowly began to heal. 

Nothing, however, represents integrative medicine like our 8-year struggle with infertility.  You name it, we did it.  Medication, IUI, IVF, dietary changes, tracking, basal body temperature, acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Herbal Therapies, and daily meditation. 

If you know, you know. 

Every treatment played a role in our success, and none were more important than the other. 

My goal with this blog is to provide information to those struggling with their own health journey and moving towards a state of their own balance of well-being. 

Health journeys can be complicated and deeply personal, and we are here to walk it with you.